‘Meeshna Masale’ is a unique mix of traditional masalas designed to add distinctive flavour and aroma to Indian cooking.


Meeshna Food Products LLP  is a spice brand with a wide range of 6 variety of masala. Meeshna got its names from two river names in Maharashtra, Meena (मीना),  in Narayangaon, Junnar, Pune and Krishna (कृष्णा) in Wai, Satara. Meena Jamdade founder of Meeshna, hails from Narayangoan, Junnar and is married in Wai. She has preserved the tradition and knowledge of typical Maharashtrian cuisine. Her both families have value “Purity in thoughts and Sincerity in action”. Adhering to these values Meeshna has mission of making the purest food products.

The aromatic traditional Maharashtrian spices are prepared by using pounding machines. The authenticity of the spices is in the pounding process that’s quite slow yet expensive for enhancing the aroma and essence. Meeshna avoids the burning out of natural oil and essence due to high temperature in the bulk rate production processes.

Pound spices is the heart of Maharashtrian kitchen that makes each dish distinct and wonderfully aromatic. Many Maharashtrian families have curated their own cuisine, that’s been handed over from over generation to generation. It is said that in India on every 50 km food and language changes with unique peculiarities. Meeshna firmly believes in preserving the tradition of authentic spices and quality of food. The raw whole spices are meticulously selected and powdered using the pounding process to preserve the essence. However with Meeshna, the spices used for everyday cooking is half the regular quantity making food more delicious and interesting.


To get recognized as purest food brand of India.


To provide authentic and pure spices and food products to everyone.
To help people to live healthy life by consuming healthy food.